How to write Alt tags for your images?


In source code of any website, image has three attributes – src (source of image), title (image title) and Alt (alternative text).

When we create an image and put it on our website using any platform, our first priority is source of image; Title of image comes with the uploaded image whereas Alt tag is usually blank.
So why is Alt tag important to us?
Alt tags are important because search engine bots scanning your website cannot see the image – these bots need textual content to identify what the image is about. This is when Alt tag comes in, it basically describes the image to the bot in a language it can read or understand.


Alt tags are critical as part of on-page optimization. It is important for your website to provide search engines with as much information about content as possible including images. Having proper image titles and alt tags also helps Search Engine Optimization to certain extent.


Another reason to add Alt tags is Google Image search. A lot of times your images showing up in the Google Image Search can drive traffic to your website, so make sure you put in a description for every image.

If your images are unique and not already on the Internet – it can bring in actual visitors to your website and also assist in your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.


How do we add Alt tags to images?


In WordPress and other CMS platforms, this is very simple as there are free plugins available for download that will allow you to easily add Alt tags and even assist in complete on-page optimization or SEO.


In case of HTML, the image source, title and alt code looks something like this –

<a href=”- ″><img alt=”Image Keyword” src=”×225.png ” title=”Image title” /></a>


Here, <a href= “–”is where the image is linking to, “img alt” is where you add your keyword, “src” is the image source URL and “title” is for image title.

The above methods can be used if you decide to do image optimization and add Alt tags to your images. As mentioned earlier, Alt tags are not mandatory in Website Design, however, it is one of these minor things that create well-rounded website.

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